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But wait! Is Boffo’s Bootcamp for you?

You see I’m looking for members that will make the regular commitment to come to the sessions. People that are 100% ready to make nutrition and lifestyle changes for life.

Just trying to ‘be good’ and exercise when you feel like it doesn’t work. It takes commitment and determination to succeed and that means getting out of your comfort zone, eek!

Yes that’s why many people never succeed at getting leaner, fitter and healthier as they believe it’s going to be just too much effort, it will be too uncomfortable so they just can’t be bothered. Does this sound like you?

But I can promise you that it may only be a bit uncomfortable for a short time. Then you will begin to feel fitter, stronger and more confident.

Of course you can stay just where you are, hoping and wishing to look and feel better. But remember…

If nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES!

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But do you know, I actually don’t think you do want to stay where you? I think that’s why you are reading my web page to find out more. I think you are utterly fed up with how you feel and want to make the changes to feel better about yourself and be happy but don’t know how to start.

I know myself how hard it is to get started. I haven’t always been in the fitness industry and I haven’t always been regularly active. And, although I have never been excessively overweight, I have been a bit heavier and more tired, sluggish with no enthusiasm to exercise. I was that person that came in from work with all good intention to go to the gym, to then get sidetracked in a second and end up on the sofa eating biscuits while getting my dinner sorted. I didn’t know how to eat properly to be satisfied and energized.

But, I got to that point of being so fed up with how I felt I made myself go to the gym, even if I didn’t really want to and even if I only did a short workout. I did my best, and a funny thing happened. I started to enjoy exercise! It made me feel good and I began to feel the benefits for going, and also missed it when I didn’t!

I then thought I would look into doing a little course about fitness to find out more about how the body worked. Little did I know I would end up doing one of the main fitness qualifications, end up working in the gym myself and go on to build my own business and work in fitness full time. Wow!

Misc exercise gardenCIrcle gliders

Now, after continuing to learn more and more, I am now extremely passionate about educating others on how to eat well, train well and live well. I truly believe that if you set your mind to something you can achieve anything you want to. You just need to BELIEVE!

So let me start by reassuring you there will be no:

  • Pressure to make you do exercises you are not ready for yet
  • Boring same old same old circuit exercise sessions
  • Intimidating and unfriendly atmospheres
  • Shouting in your face, army style

Are you interested in the following?

  • Escaping for a bit of you time
  • Gaining stacks more energy
  • Learning how best to eat for maximum health
  • Getting fitter than you have ever been
  • Training with a lovely group of friendly ladies

What does being a member give you?

  • Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm, all year round (we only close for Christmas week). These are held at Deane Park Hall, Long Drive, South Ruislip HA4 0HS.
  • Access to an exclusive members only website with home workouts, nutrition advice, tips and information
  • Access to a secret Facebook group where you can chat with other members, share recipes and experiences etc
  • Get support from me throughout your entire journey
  • Just £47 per month


You don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s what some of my members are saying…

“Boffo’s Bootcamp is the only class I have ever done which I have stuck to week after week. It’s fun, varied, never boring but not intimidating, you work at your own level. Emma is very knowledgeable. Love it!”
Louisa, Eastcote
“This works, never felt fitter, thinner or more toned! What’s more it’s fun and a great group of people.”
Christine, South Ruislip
“Initially I was a bit scared of the word bootcamp but no fear Emma was here! She put me at ease and makes exercise fun as it can be. No sergeant major here.”
Liz, Pinner
“I wasn’t sure when I first started that I would have the stamina when I hadn’t done any exercise for years. Emma would modify any exercise I found difficult and working in a group really encouraged me to keep going. My body is toned, I feel strong and I’m happy to know inside is healthier. I have so much more energy now!”
Paula, South Ruislip


Still not sure it’s for you?

Then come along for a free taster session. It will give you the opportunity to see what it’s all about before deciding to join. Click the link above or drop me an email to to book.

Even when you join, the membership fees are paid on a month by month basis on the 1st of every month, so if your circumstances change, you are not tied in to a long term contract and can cancel any time with a little notice.

Want to just go for it and book a month’s trial? Click the register now button below and you’re in.

There is a set number of membership spaces and once they are filled you will have to go on the waiting list. One out, one in.

So don’t be scared of the word bootcamp and if you are just starting out. I will look after you I promise.

Remember, you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!


Can’t make the live sessions? Then join as an online member

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You will get access to the online members website with nutrition tips and a whole stack of home video follow along workouts.

You will also have access to the secret Facebook group to get support from me and all the other members. Ask questions, share recipes and tips and become part of the Boffo’s Bootcamp gang 🙂

Just click your chosen button below to sign up for the monthly or quarterly memberships.



Both these memberships will be reoccurring unless you cancel. Please contact me on if you have any problems or questions. Thank you.